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liberaljunkie's Journal
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Friday, November 4th, 2005
1:45 am
"oh no" "oh no" "oh no" "OOOOHH YEAAH"
This Is My Life, Rated
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That's good I suppose, better than average.

In other news, we have our first Official investigation after the Holidays, at Ashleys (a restaurant in Rockledge). We talked to Greg, the owner, and he gave us the okay to do it one Sunday after closing. We have about 5 official members, and quite a few unofficial ones.

We adopted a kittie from the ASPCA, shes about four months old, black with a little patch of white on her neck, and we named her Clementine. Right now she has a "kittie cold" as the vets put it (very scientific, indeed), but she seems to fit right in. Dane (one of our neghbors) just moved in tonight so that extra room is finally filled. He's going to stay until around the end of December, and then Joe and Jen are moving in and splitting everything with us. So, things are good, and I have to wake up tomorrow at 8:30 for work, so if I don't go now, I shall regret it later.


Current Mood: weird
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
10:00 pm
-Name: Shaunana.
-Nickname(s): Nicole, Shaun.
-Are you named after anyone?: not that I know of. I think my parents were on crack or something, that would explain a lot.
-Pets: kittie cat.
-Zodiac sign: Cancer.
-Age: Nineteen. (and a half) (w00t)
-Height: 5'6 and maybe a half now.
-Eye color: Weird brownish color.
-Hair color: Dark brown.
-Where were you born?: Maryland.
-Where did you grow up?: Various parts of MD, some RI in there, and well, Florida.
-School: BCC! Go Titans!
-Grade: 14th.
-What kind of student are you?: Slacka!
-What do you want to be?: Crime Scene Technician, or a Geneticist(fat chance).
-Fears: Spit, feet, boogers, people peeing on the seat (Hunter), clowns, and cockroaches.
-Medical issues: My muscles in my legs are sore, and I'm a bit narcissistic.
-Where do you work?: Dillards.

*Opinions and Questions*

-Best movie: Harry Potter, The Shining, Eternal Sunshine, American Beauty, The Jacket, etc.
-Best book you've read in school: A Separate Peace and The Giver.
-Best TV show: Family Guy, Ghost Hunters, Rocko.
-Best music artist: Nirvana.
-Best songs: There are quite a few.
-Best kind of music: A little bit of everything, yes, even Country.
-Who do you have a crush on: Your mom.
-do you like someone famous: Someone, just today, told me Liv Tyler (minus the size of the mouth).
-Do you like pickles?: OOOOOH YEAH!
-What are you wearing?: Jeans, belt, bra, black tank, ribbed turtleneck black sweater.
-What time is it?: 10:09 pm.
-What is your idea of a perfect date?: Barnes and Noble.
-What is your idea of a perfect honeymoon?: Amsterdam.
-What is your idea of a perfect wedding?: Wickham Park, and the Henegar Center.
-What song reflects your life the most?: Halloween by the Misfits.
-What hospital were you born in?: Somewhere in Maryland, I guess.
-Which celebrity has the best hair?: None of them really.
-What do you wear to bed?: Just underwear.
-What kind of socks do you wear?: white, or green, or patterned, they're just SOCKS.
-What kind of toothpaste do you use?: Vanilla kinds.
-What kind of shampoo?: Pantene (swish).
-What brand is your TV?: Hunters is a something made by little oriental children in third world countries.
-Have you ever done any extreme sports?: Xtreme Potato-sack racing.


-Books: Harry Potter.
-Relative: Mum.
-College: BCC! (w00t, again).
-Stores: Not Dillards, dear God.
-Poems: Annabelle Lee.
-News channel: MSNBC.
-TV shows: Stuff-n-junk.
-girl names: Zoe, Rayna, Starla, Emily.
-boy names: Elvyn, Orrin, Cassius.
-Bands: Various things.
-Movies: More stuff.
-Musical: Rocky Horror.
-Music Award Show: How about, no?
-Music Video: Heart Shaped Box.
-Vegetable: Cucumbers (Stop it you sick-o, not because of that, and where the hell did you get a copy of that tape from)?
-Meal: Tots.
-Soda: Dr.P or Mr.P, which I guess is now Pibb Xtra because of the stupid ultra-liberated feminists. It's a DRINK for Christ sakes!
-Drink in general: Water.
-Cheese: Mozzarella!
-Ethnic food: Tacos. Greasy yucky tacos.
-Fast Food Place: Micky D's.
-What do you get there: The little fattening cheeseburgers.
-Eat-in: Nothing really.
-What do you get there: Oxygen.
-Snack to munch on: Stuff.
-Kind of pizza: Extra cheese.
-Ice cream: Many sorts.
-Bread: Wheat.
-Pastry: Ick.
-Cereal: Trix.
-Meat: Turkey, or chicken.
-Holiday: The entire winter season.
-Sport to play: Xtreme Potato-sack racing.
-Sport to watch: Hockey, or baseball.
-Thing to do in winter: dress in warm clothes and go to Barnes and Noble.
-Thing to do in summer: not be outside as much as possible.
-Thing to do on weekends: Work.
-Vacation spot: Anywhere northern.
-Dream vacation spot: Amsterdam.
-Place to shop: Target.
-Thing to do on a rainy day: Computer.
-Thing to do on a sunny day: Wear sunglasses.
-Color: Green.
-Magazine: TAPS.
-Gum: Grape.
-Outfit to wear: Jeans and a shirt (hopefully).
-Pair of shoes: Chucky Taylors.
-Kind of car: Volvo (old ones).
-Stuffed Animal: My Hippo. He is cute.
-Article of clothing: My shoes.
-Piece of furniture in your room: My house, and everything in it.
-Place in your house: Living room.
-Place to be alone: Anywhere is nice.
-Kind of house: A weird geometrically challenged one.
-Place to live: Somewhere with trees, NOT Florida.
-Place to work: I actually do like Dillards.
-Kind of occupation: Crime scene stuff.
-Family member: All of them usually.
-Memory from childhood: Snow, oh and trees.
-Memory with friends: Analbumcover, Wassamagula, The Susie, and all of the "muffins."
-Alcoholic beverage: It doesn't matter.
-Kind of cigarettes: Newports (yeah, I know, ew, yuck, blarg).
-Party you've ever been to: The one last night.
-Teacher: They're all the same to me.
-Grade: Not this one.


-Have you ever done drugs?: Dammit.
-If so, what is your favorite?: Marijuana.
-Have you ever had sex?: Of course, I'm almost 20.
-Are you straight, gay, or bi?: Uhm...straight. yes, straight.
-Have you ever passed out or thrown up from drinking too much?: There's a funny story about that...
-What’s your favorite bar?: Dunno.
-Did you go to prom in high school?: Sadly.
-How many continents have you been to?: Two, well one and some Islands.
-How many countries have you been to?: A few.
-What color are the socks you’re wearing right now?: White and Pink.
-Underwear?: Red, white, and Black.
-What was your last vacation?: Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Caymen, Mexico.
-Do you have any future vacations coming up?: Amsterdam!!!
-Do you have any tattoos?: Four.
-Do you have anything pierced besides your ears?: My, uhm...face?
-Have you ever had a one-night stand?: A few times. But who is counting.
-Do you own a car?: Not technically.
-What is the make and model?: 2002 Hyundai Accent GL.
-What is your dream car?: BMW, M3, Black, shiny.
-Do you have long fingernails?: No.
-Do you paint them?: Do I have them to paint?
-What about your toes?: No.
-Do you believe in God?: Nope.
-What is your religious belief?: Absent.
-Did OJ do it?: Did the glove really fit?
-Do you use Napster?: Ick.
-What are some of your pet peeves?: Spit, and people.
-What are some of your phobias?: Bugs, spit, feet, clowns.
-What is your major in college (if you’re in college): CST.
-How much money do you make each year?: Enough, I suppose.
-Do you want children in the future?: Yes. (sigh)
-Do you want to get married?: I am. Yay for February.
-How many fillings/cavities do you have?: I didn't know we were supposed to keep count.
-How many people have you had sex with?: Six, I think.
-Guys or girls?: Oh wait, that makes Seven.
-Have you ever kissed anyone of the same sex?: Heh.
-Did you like it?: Heh, heh.
-Do you underwear and bras match?: No.
-Do you carry a purse?: Pocketbook.
-How do you eat a Reese’s Peanut Buttercup?: (Insert crazy scenario here).
-Are you right or left handed?: Right.
-What is under your bed?: Carpet.
-What posters do you have on your walls?: Some weird Vintage posters, Halloween stuff, Ophelia.
-Have you ever been hospitalized?: Yea.
-Have you ever had surgery?: Blah.
-Have you ever broken a bone?: My toe.
-Have you ever had stitches?: Yep.

*This or That*

-peanut butter or jelly: Goobers!
-Coke or Pepsi: Coke.
-Drive or walk: Drive, hippie.
-Traveler or homebody: Both.
-Skydiving or bungee-jumping: Bungee-jumping.
-Real World or Road Rules: Evil.
-MTV or Comedy Central: Both are going to hell, but one is driving the Caravan.
-Ice or roller skating: Roller skating.
-Nike or Adidas: Stompin' in my Air Force Ones.
-Purse or wallet: Yes.
-Dark hair or light: Dark.
-Chocolate milk or regular milk: Chocolate.
-Tall or short: Tall.
-Tan or fair skinned: Who cares?
-Blue eyes or brown eyes: Yes.
-Ketchup or mustard: Catsup!
-Books or movies: Both.
-Comedy or horror: Comedy.
-Bath or shower: Shower.
-Lights on or off during a movie: Off.
-Theater or video: Video.
-Red or blue: Blue.
-Gold or silver: Both.
-Top or bottom: Yes, again.
-Morning or night: Night.
-Black or white: Black.
-Glass half full or half empty: Empty if it were mine.
-Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.

Current Mood: drained
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
12:41 am
Well life is good (and strangely cold) after the "terrible" hurricane... my bird feeder smashed against the ground *tear* and that was the extent of it.
Have you ever wondered how unexciting life would be without natural disasters coming in and fucking everything up every once in awhile? I think it does society good. If nothing else, it brings us closer.
I was just reading one of my old journals, back when I was about 15, and things have changed so drastically. I was so miserable back then and all I could comprehend back then was my own depressing little bubble of a world that I existed in. And now I see why some people said the things that they did, they were right and I didn't even realize it until I looked back. Moving away from all of that bullshit did me neither good nor harm because I just carried everything with me. The grudges, the feelings, the depression, everything that I held so close to my heart just travelled with me. But without even knowing it, I set all of those things free, and that was years ago. So I look back and I am grateful that I am doing better. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else, with anyone else. I'm getting married in February, I'm graduating college in a year, my job kicks ass, I have a good relationship with my parents and healthy relationships with other people, yet I still hold some grudges with people I haven't talked to in years. But being understanding is a good way to let things go. I can see why they got so aggravated with me, but bitching doesn't usually help. I guess if I were them and they were I, the same things would have occurred.


Current Mood: peaceful
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